A Career as a Data Security Officer Might be Good for You

There was a time when being in security meant you strapped a gun to your hip and prowled the perimeter of a building and tried to look tough and intimidating, hoping the persona you projected was enough to convince hooligans to stay away. While these types of security jobs still exist, there’s also a chance your current job in security could be more of a white collar profession and involve a great deal of computer knowledge.

These days the demand for a reliable data security officer is high.

The best thing about deciding to become a data security officer is that finding a job shouldn’t be too tough. Demand for qualified individuals is expected to grow by about 17% over the next few years. That’s higher than most fields and if you have a strong understanding of computers and data storage, it’s likely you’ll find a good job.

Although the exact demands placed on the data security officer varies from one hiring company to another. Most will be expected to spend time on location. While there you will be in charge of watching the hardware the company uses, especially the computers where information about clients gets stored and make sure that it doesn’t get tampered with or stolen.

It’s very likely that a large chunk of your working time will be spent on a computer, watching the software programs used to protect the privileged information, making sure no one is trying to hack into the system. If you spot a problem you will be expected to act quickly and make sure the important, secure files don’t become corrupted while simultaneously working with law enforcement to apprehend the hacker.

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