Data Security Concerns Businesses Need to Address

Large or small, businesses can’t afford to ignore data security. No matter how insignificant the data they collect from their clients might be, the company has to be able to promise their customers that it will never fall into the hands of someone who wants to use it as part of an identity theft scam. A single breach will cost the company their reputation, which will be a difficult thing to regain; some businesses are never able to recover from the disaster and are forced to close their doors forever.

The first step businesses need to do when it comes to data security is seriously considering just how much information they need to collect on each client. While it’s likely that they will need to collect their name, and if shipping items is required, their address, is it really necessary that they also know the client’s birthday? The less information the business has on file, the less appealing breaching their security will be.

The number of employee’s allowed access to data collected also needs to be considered. Even though businesses try to be careful when hiring people, mistakes happen, and some people find temptation hard to resist. By limiting client information to a few key people within the organization, personal client information will be more secure.

Managers and business owners shouldn’t rely solely on the advice of others when it comes to data security. It’s in their best interest to take a few classes and to learn as much as they can on the topic. By taking the time to educate themselves, the owners and managers will be better able to recognize the weaknesses in their own system.

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