Are Sony Brand Electronics Good?

I have been using Sony brand electronics for many years. I have experience with Sony CD players for the car. I have experience with Sony televisions. I also have experience with Sony speakers and Sony amplifiers. While I have been using these products for many years I wanted to take the time to speak to those of you that have not used these products. Here area few things that you need to know about these products. First, there is no better CD player than the Sony. I like this brand for the cd player because it offers a solid source of style and power. When it comes to a powerful head unit you need to have a unit that will not overheat. Sony is the best for me. I have a stereo system that pushes over 200 watts of power and this unit has never let me down.

As for the television, that is another story. I have a 55-inch Sony television. This is a flat screen television and I have had it for about 8 years now. Over that time I have had to replace the main bulb in the TV 3 times. The bulb is expensive and the real kicker here is that you must use a brand name bulb or else your bulb will blow up. I have tried to use the off brand but it never works.

Finally, Sony makes an awesome set of speakers for your car. I am not a huge fan of the subwoofers that they make but I do like the 6×9 speakers and the door speakers as well. Overall I would say that Sony is best for audio and visual equipment and they need to improve their televisions.

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