The Technology Behind the Best Electronic Cigarette

For smokers everywhere, electronic cigarettes are presenting a drastically different option that could potentially be lifesaving. By eliminating tobacco and tar, ecigs offer a totally unique alternative that eliminates toxins and smoke and replaces them with an odorless vapor and a more natural method to nicotine enjoyment. In order to find the best electronic cigarette, you first have to understand the technology behind vaping. When you don’t, you’re left with the stories like how the Ecig Community Pushes for Change in Facebook’s Treatment of Vapor Devices. Once you know how the ecig works, then you will have a better grasp at what to look for in your search for the best electronic cigarette.

The ecig is made of three primary components: a battery, atomizer, and cartridge. The battery is rechargeable and it can vary in size greatly depending on the brand you select. It’s important that you choose a brand that has good battery life or you will be stuck charging your ecig constantly. It’s also smart to purchase multiple batteries so that you can rotate them and always have one charged and ready while your others are recharging. Ecig batteries can be charged using a basic USB port on your computer or by purchasing an adapter for the outlets in your home or car. Some ecig starter kits include a universal charging pack that allows you to use all these options for charging. You can also buy a smart case that charges your batteries on the go without ever stopping to plug the battery into a port.

The second component is the atomizer. In some ecigs, the atomizer is attached separately from the cartridge, but most of the newer brands combine these two components into one piece called a cartomizer. In that case, the built in atomizer is simply replaced with each new cartridge you use so there is no need to ever clean or disassemble the atomizer at all. The best electronic cigarettes will offer this option for the sake of convenience.

The cartridges are the final component and they are one of the most important because they will drastically impact performance and the overall experience. The best electronic cigarette brands should offer cartridges in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. The most basic brands will have tobacco flavors and perhaps a few menthol varieties, but the top brands will also include gourmet flavor choices. You can find ecig flavors like cherry, apple, Pina colada, chocolate, or coffee. The options are really limitless.

In your search for the best electronic cigarette, don’t forget to consider accessories. By picking up a few simple accessories like a portable charging pack, a carrying case, or a universal adapter, you can drastically change your vaping life and make it much more convenient. Some brands offer starter kits in advancing levels the most extensive kits are stocked full of accessories. Usually, you will get a significant cost savings by purchasing them in a kit rather than individually or as an add on to your order.