Why I Like Sony

As a young man I was always interested in having a killer stereo system. I bought my first car at the age of 14 and I was soon packing the ride full of speakers and cables. My dream was to have the loudest stereo system in the county. I did not achieve my goal, but I did learn a few valuable lessons along the way. First of all, monster cables are the best cables for installing a car stereo system.

The cables offer the most power and the best sound. I also learned a few things about the head units and the speakers of choice. When it comes to speakers there is nothing better than a JL Audio subwoofer. The JL audio speakers are durable and they can handle the power. However there is something even more interesting that I learned. When it comes to head units, Sony is the best option bar none. When it comes to amplifiers, Sony is the best option bar none.

My system had 3 JL Audio W6 15’s. that is a killer set of speakers. But I also used a Sony 2000 Watt amp to push those speakers. I tried several other units but the Sony was the only one that wouldn’t over heat and essentially fry. I also used a Sony head unit. The head unit is also known as the radio. The Sony offered the most power and the best look. I like the fact that the Sony offered 4 channels of 60 watt power. That meant that I did not have to amp up the door speakers. My system would hit 138 Db and that was a solid score in any competition.

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