MsPrepper Gives Advice on Extending the Life of Sony Electronics

Buying Sony Electronics proves that you enjoy high quality electronics. With some care, you can extend the life of your Sony electronic gadgets by a few years. Just follow MsPrepper to get tips for extending the life of your Sony electronics.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Even though your Sony gadgets might not seem to mind when you take them out during really hot or really cold days, over time, the temperature fluctuation will cause the components to break down, and you’ll have to replace the gadget sooner than you’d like. MsPrepper advises that if you want to use your electronic gadget on a very hot or cold day, you should either hang on to an older gadget that is just starting to wear out, or your can get an cheaper, generic brand that can serve as a backup.

You should also avoid storing the gadget anywhere that it’s exposed to direct sunlight or temperature fluctuations, like window sills.

Let the Battery Die

A majority of the Sony Electronics now longer take double A batteries, but are instead powered by an internal battery that needs to be plugged into the wall to charge. If you’re like most people, you plug in the device each time the battery seems to be getting a little low. While this does mean your unit will be ready to go whenever you want to use it, it’s also shortening the batteries life. MsPrepper thinks that the best way to keep your battery in good shape is letting it run completely flat at least once a week.

Keep Them Covered

Dust can be a death sentence for your Sony Electronics. If enough dust and debris works its way into the unit, the device will overheat and die. The best way to keep dust from getting into the unit and killing your Sony devices is to always keep them covered. You should also try to blast them with a little canned air once a week. If you notice a film of dust covering the device, wipe it off with a soft towel. The cleaner you can keep the unit, the more years of enjoyment you’ll get from it.

Stay Away from the Screen

MsPrepper knows that this piece of advice doesn’t apply to Sony electronics that have a touchscreen, but it is something you need to keep in mind if you have a Sony flat screen television. The instinct to touch the screen can be strong, especially if you see a smudge of dust or pet hair on it. This habit could decrease the amount of use you get from the device. The pressure from your fingertips against the screen causes the pixels to burn out. The best way to keep the screen clean and in perfect working order is to only use a very soft cloth and keep the pressure as light as you possibly can.

Good luck!

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