About That Sony Hack

So what ever happened about the Sony hack? For almost 3 weeks the world watched in horror as the Sony information was leaked over and over again. We all learned that the higher ups in the organization have really strange beliefs. We learned that they have racist views, anti Semitic views, and they also have misogynistic views. We learned a great deal about Sony and we also learned that they were supposedly being hacked y North Korea in retaliation for the making and the release of the film called The Interview. However we have since lost contact wit hall that was going on in the Sony world. What ever happened to the information? Was the CEO ever really in trouble? Why are we not hearing any further information about the company?

I happen to have a few ideas about this issue and I think the world does to. First, I happen to think that Sony created this whole issue. I think that the Sony leaders were trying to create a huge press blitz around their newest movie and they attempted to make the movie more popular by creating a false flag event. When the people found out that the movie was garbage it all backfired. I also happen to think that the whole North Korean hack idea was totally bogus. Is it possible that the North Koreans hacked Sony? Yes. Is it likely? No. Further, if this was the case the United States would have recognized the attack and there would have been a serious battle line drawn in the sand. We all know the Americans like to fight and this would have given them the chance they need. I say the whole thing was a farce. And a poorly acted farce as well.

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