My Sony Electronics

As a young kid I was interested in 3 main things. I was interested in girls, cars, and loud stereo systems. Not necessarily in that order! Like most kids who grew up in the mid 90’s I was in love with the massive stereo systems. I learned early on that the big systems would garner you attention. Now I must admit that as an adult I now hate those systems. They are loud and obnoxious but that is the point. This is your first real chance to thumb your nose at the system and the man. That being said I have to admit that when it comes to a stereo system I have a serious favorite. The heart of any good car stereo is the head unit. This is often called the radio but it is the brains of the system. This controls the radio, the bass, the treble, and the overall power of the system. When I started looking for a great head unit I quickly turned to Sony electronics because they made the best head unit. The power, at that time, was unmatched. The colors were great, the options were amazing, and the technology was just ahead of the game.

As I moved to the speakers I learned that Sony Electronics made the best 6-inch door speakers. I had four 6-inch speakers in the car. These speakers were not powered by an amplifier just the head unit that was pushing 50 watts of power to each speaker. The treble sound was great and they even gave a nice mid range tone. Now when the Sony electronics started offering large sub woofers and amplifiers I was hooked. I had a complete Sony electronics sound system. I was pushing three Sony Explode 12-inch sub woofers with a 1000 watt Sony electronics amplifier.

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