Sony Electronics Groundbreaking Creations

Over the years, Sony has done an excellent job establishing themselves as one of the top electronic manufactures. During their long history, they’ve created several notable products.

The Compact Disc – Even though few of us purchase CD’s these days, there was a period of about 20 years when they were an important part of life. Not only did CD’s make listening to music easier, but they were also useful when it came to storing computer information. Few people realize that it was Sony Electronics that developed the idea for CD’s.

The Walkman – Anyone who was around during the ‘80’s will be quick to regale you with tales about their Walkman. Even though they seem large and outdated today, it was the Sony Walkman that paved the way for the small music playing devices we use now. Thanks to the Walkman, it was possible to take your favorite music everywhere you went without having to drag around a huge boom box.

PlayStation – For years, Nintendo dominated the world when it came to interactive games that you could play in the comfort of your living room. That was before Sony developed the PlayStation. The higher quality gaming system provided smoother games that have become increasingly more complex. Many homes still have a Sony PlayStation tucked into their entertainment center.

The Jumbo-Tron – If you have ever gone to a sporting event or music concert in a large arena, you know what the Jumbo-Tron is. What you probably didn’t know is that the Jumbo-Tron is a Sony Electronics creation. Today there are other companies that make Jumbo-Trons, but it was Sony that created the prototype.

It will be interesting to see what groundbreaking electronics Sony comes up with next!

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