Software to Enhance Your Blogging Experience

If you’re interested in starting your own blog, you should know that there are several different types of software on the market that will make your blogging experience easier. Best of all, many of the software programs are free!

Starting Your Blog – When it comes to blogging, you will be hard pressed to find software that does a better job of getting you started than WordPress. They have attractive layouts, easy to use software, and great customer service. Best of all, they are easy to connect to your regular website, making it easy for your readers and customers to find you!

Connecting with your Followers – Rather than expect your followers to visit your blog every day just to see if you’ve posted something, you should set up an email service that sends them a notification each time you create a new post. The best software for email notifications is MailChimp which is fast, simple, safe, and free.

Image Software – It’s difficult to maintain an interested audience if you don’t fill your blog with lots of images. There are several sites that you can use, which provide royalty free images, but be careful when using them. Make sure you read the entire users agreement so you don’t end up in hot water over a copyright dispute. If you prefer using your own images, Canva has software that makes it easy!

Connecting to Social Media – These days, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an important part of the successful blogging experience. You can make sure all of your blog posts go live on your social media sites by taking advantage of software provided by Buffer and Hoot Suite. Good luck and happy blogging!